Facebook Money Scam

If you receive a message from one of your Facebook friends asking for financial help, think twice, it could be a scam. The Facebook Money scam is when a hacker takes over your account and posts a fake plea for financial help. People are fooled into donating cash that goes to the scammer.

Be careful before responding to a message of help coming from one of your friends or family. Many Facebook users have been tricked to believe is their real friend who needs money for an emergency situation.

A hacked starts this scam by hacking into your Facebook account and posting a plea for help on your page. They may even change your username and password, locking you out of your own account. Then, they send out messages to all your Facebook friends asking for money, stating you’re in dire need and need the money right away. The message your friends get looks real. It came from your Facebook page, so who else could it be from? They send money to an account the hacker set up for this scam, like a Paypal or Venmo. It could even be a physical address where people are encouraged to send checks. But, of course, the money goes to the hacker and not you. Obviously, the scammer needs your Facebook login information to access your account and masquerade as you. They often get this information using Trojans, keylogger viruses, and forms of malware.

If you’ve been hacked, notify all your friends on Facebook so they’re not fooled by the scam. Then, run up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer to eliminate any viruses lurking on your hard drive. Once you’re sure your PC is free of any malicious programs, contact Facebook’s customer support and tell them what happened so they can recover your account. Create a strong password.

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