How To Prevent Smishing

Smishing can be prevented only by maintaining maximum awareness. One should strictly adhere to these measures while reading texts sent over one’s network or messaging platforms. Here are some tips to help you understand how to avoid smishing.

How to prevent Smishing

Be Skeptical of Unsolicited Messages

                    Handle unsolicited emails, particularly those from unfamiliar and surprising senders, carefully. Scammers usually send smishing texts to any telephone number.

Verify the Sender

                    Ensure you verify the sender’s identity through a phone number or the associated name. Only answer to a sender’s identity that is clear and certain.

                    Only click on links in SMS, especially from unknown senders with correctly spelled words, strange characters, and weird URLs. Most legitimate organizations have official websites on which essential actions are taken.

Question Requests for Personal Information

                    Beware of SMSs soliciting your PIN, Social Security number, account details, or other private/personal financial data.

Beware of Urgency and Threats

                    Scammers usually make you feel that they are running against time or threaten you with something. Be careful about emails that say your account is suspended, shipment is delayed, or bank details have changed.

Verify With the Sender

                    Please do not give out such information unless prompted for it by calling an official organization’s website or via the company customer service line

Use Strong Security Measures

                    Use a strong PIN or password on your smartphone and two-factor authentication wherever possible. This additional level of protection will stop anyone with ill intentions from gaining unwarranted entry.

Don’t Respond to Unknown Numbers

                    Do not reply to texts and calls from weird phone numbers. By responding, you would prove that your telephone number is active and that you are another victim of new trickery.

Install Security Apps

                    To enhance precautions against text messages, it is advisable for people to install mobile security applications that scan for and reject smishing attempts.

Update Your Software

Ensure that you update your operating system and smartphone applications to benefit from security fixes and solutions for issues.

Report Suspected Smishing

                    If you receive a smishing message, notify your mobile carrier and the FTC in the US.

Educate Yourself

                    Be up-to-date with typical smishing frauds and scams to identify possible threats.

Avoid smishing scams by cautiousness, verification of the sender’s identity, and never sending sensitive materials via short messaging services.


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