Billing Scam or Discounted Bill scam

A billing scam or discounted bill scam refers to fraudulent activity with stolen debit credit cards or where individuals or organizations attempt to deceive others into paying for goods or services they did not purchase or incur excessive or unauthorized charges. Billing scam can take various forms and target individuals, businesses, or governments.

Today we are revealing how scammers call people and trick them into paying their bills online.

This scam is spreading fast nowadays in the United States especially. Many peoples were affected by this scam. Primarily the call centers industry is involved in this scam. In addition, In the call centers industry, they call this billing campaign. Let’s reveal how they scam you.

Billing scam or discounted bill scam online bills paying fraud
Pay Bills Online Scam

How scammers trick you:

People get a marketing call from a call center or a scammer, which is not a marketing call but a scam. Scammers will ask if you have any amount due on your utility or phone bills. They will ask you if you have any amount due on your utility bills, then you can get a 30% discount on your bill. When people hear the 30% discount, they get distracted, which is why scammers can steal their money quickly. 

When you are interested in getting the 50% discount, they will ask you to send the 50% amount to their temporary bank accounts.

We know that only some will send the money with proof of a 50% discount.

Why would I trust you?

Before sending the money, when you ask the scammer how you can, I trust that this is legit and not a scam call. Then the scammer will tell you, “No Problem, We will pay your bill first, and then you can send us the 50% amount”. Now this is where they’ll pay your bill, and the question is HOW AND WHY? Well, We are revealing that part.


Banks in the United States get complaints of Fraud charges and stolen Debit/Credit cards regularly. Scammers stole the debit or credit card details from naive people and charged fraud on others’ utility bill payments. Or some of them buy these credit/debit cards from the other sources like dark Web for just a few bucks.

Gained your Trust:

Now scammers will ask for your credentials, like your login to an online account, and make payments with a stolen Debit card. Then you will receive an email as well about your payment confirmation from your utility now when scammers have paid your bill and ask you to send them the 50% amount according to the deal. You’re trusting him now and will send the payment to the scammer. Now you lost 50% amount because you don’t know what will happen the next day.

Fraud Charge:

As we know, scammers pay bills with stolen cards, a fraud charge, and notify the bank automatically. The bank will open a case about this fraud charge against you because they know where the card was used. And the bank will issue a chargeback of the payment to your utility account.


That amount will refund to the stolen card, Now you still have an amount due on your utility bill, and you have already lost 50% of the amount sent to the scammer. Be aware of this scam, and avoid falling for these discount offers by the scammers.

False Invoices:

Scammers send invoices to individuals or businesses for products or services that have not been ordered or received. They may use deceptive tactics, such as claiming a legitimate vendor or using official-looking documents to trick people into making payments.


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