Amazon Scams

Amazon has also become a fertile ground for scammers looking to exploit the platform’s users. These Amazon scams can range from fraudulent listings to sophisticated phishing schemes aimed at stealing personal and financial information. Here are some common Amazon Scams, dropshipping scam and FAQs to help you navigate and protect yourself while shopping on the platform.

Amazon, one of the world’s leading e-commerce giants, has revolutionized the way we shop. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it began as an online bookstore and rapidly expanded its inventory to include a vast range of products, including electronics, clothing, and even groceries. Amazon is known for its innovative technologies such as Amazon Prime, Alexa, and its cloud computing service, AWS, making it a staple in the lives of millions globally.

Let’s reveal the amazon scams going on these days, which has a terrible impact on some regions due to scammers.

Amazon Scams- Fraud with Amazon


Dropshipping Scam is the major scam going on these days. As we all know that scammers can get easily the debit and credit cards access from people. They call the victims or old age people pretending to be their bank officials and ask for the debit card or credit card details. Some time they pretends to be your Internet company or any utility company and will ask you to pay your pending dues with your debit or credit card details and you’ll definitely provide your financial details to them in order to pay your pending dues online.

Now scammers have your card details. And Scammers will sell your card details to the drop shippers. In Dropshipping, Drop Shippers are the store owners on Amazon. They have their own stores on Amazon and they have already listed their products to sell but in actual they don’t have the products available.

Here the game begins.

This is how they are converting the stolen money into white money with dropshipping. When you will order something from their store on Amazon. Your order will be placed but you will not get the parcel from the Amazon because the Drop Shipper don’t have the products available.

Now the question is where did you get the parcel? As we know there are many online stores like SamsClub, Alibaba and many shopping sites. Now the drop shipper will use the stolen cards details on other website like SamsClub and place the order at your address that you have provided on Amazon.

You’ll get the same product that you have order on Amazon but the packaging is from SamsClub or any other store. But you’ll not report to anyone because you have the same thing at your door step that you have order on Amazon. And you never know that this product is bought with the stolen money or stolen card details. Now you have paid to amazon online with your own card and the drop shipper have your white money in hand.

You can save yourself from dropshipping scam if you report this to Amazon that you have got the product in different packaging and the Amazon will take action against the store owner but because you have your order at your place you’ll just ignore the packaging which is the reason scammers are stealing money from peoples.

Scams on Amazon

Fake Listings

Scammers often create listings for high-demand items at prices significantly lower than the market rate. Once an order is placed, the seller might ship a counterfeit item, a completely different item, or nothing at all.

Phishing Emails and Messages

Scammers impersonate Amazon through emails or text messages, claiming issues with your account or orders. These messages often contain links to fake websites designed to steal your login credentials.

Review Manipulation

Sellers may attempt to inflate their product ratings through fake reviews, either by paying for them or by creating multiple fake accounts to post positive reviews about their products.

Third-Party Seller Scams

Some scammers set up shop on Amazon as third-party sellers and after receiving payments, they fail to ship the items. They usually have very few reviews or a very recent seller account creation date.

Gift Card Scams

Scammers may contact you claiming to be from Amazon and demand payment for supposed issues or offers with gift cards. Amazon never asks for payment or personal information via unsolicited messages.

Amazon works continuously to combat scams and protect its users, but awareness and caution are key to ensuring a safe shopping experience. Always verify the legitimacy of listings, be skeptical of unsolicited communications, and familiarize yourself with Amazon’s policies and safety tips.


In conclusion, while Amazon offers a convenient and expansive marketplace for consumers worldwide, it’s crucial to remain vigilant against the scams that have inevitably surfaced on the platform. By staying informed about the types of scams that exist, understanding how to spot potential fraud, and knowing the steps to take if you encounter a scam, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to these malicious activities. Amazon continues to implement measures to combat fraudulent activities on its platform, but consumer awareness and caution are indispensable components of the collective effort to maintain a safe and trustworthy online shopping environment.

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