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Phone scams are a common way for criminals to con people out of money using various tricks to get their personal or financial information.
Protect Yourself from Uk Mobiles Scam: Stay Alert and Stay Safe:
Mobile phone scams are a growing concern in the United Kingdom as scammers target unsuspecting consumers. These scams often involve fraudulent sellers, phishing attempts, and other deceptive tactics to exploit individuals’ trust and financial information. To ensure your safety and avoid falling victim to mobile phone scams. It is crucial to stay informed about the common scams prevalent in the UK and take necessary precautions. This article will reveal how scammers trick people into getting their money and brand-new cell phones.

Same as in Canada and the US, the Cellular Networks of the United Kingdom also provides cell phones in monthly Installments.

Major Cellular Networks In United Kingdom:

2- O2


4- EE

4- Tesco

These networks offer Brand new cellphones to Britains at monthly cheap Prices.

UK Mobiles Scams Vodafone Scam
UK Mobiles Scam

Now we are revealing how scammers trick people and steal their money. Remember that these leading networks of the UK never call people to offer new cell phones. Still, the call centers from different countries pretend to be the leading network and offer Britain to buy new Cellphones in cheap Monthly Installments.

Top 10 Countries involves in UK Mobiles Scam:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Malaysia
  • Afghanistan
  • Thailand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Phillipines
  • Mexico

As we have discussed in our previous blog (Canada mobiles scam) and (US Mobiles Scam), India is at the top of the list in the vast market of call centers, and India has the most prominent industry of call centers worldwide. In addition, According to the reports, India scammed billions of dollars in 2022. It is a considerable number that India made last year.

We already know that how they can create a fake caller ID with a softphone called Eyebeam; I have explained about this software in my other Blog US Mobiles scam.

Well, now they have the caller ID of leading cellular networks, like the number of Vodafone or O2 and THREE. So whenever a Britain receives a call, it will be shown as the caller ID of the leading cellular network; the reason behind every victim falling for this scam is because they think this call is from their leading Cellular Network.

Now when the scammers call the customers, they offer brand new cellphones. Because people don’t know that this call is from another country or a call center, As the caller ID says it’s from their leading cellular network like Vodafone, O2, or THREE, they get interested in the offers.
Sometimes when the customer doesn’t like the offer, Scammers try to bargain and make a better offer because they don’t want the customer to hang up. It doesn’t matter that a new phone will cost 500 Pounds or 100 Pounds. They only need your financial details and data so they can scam you.

Scammer’s need:

Now as the customer is interested In the deal, they will ask you for your:

  • Credit or Debit cards
  • Name and Address
  • Sortcode
  • Bank Account number
  • PIN Numbers

They will also send you emails as they could have a network name-related domain for emails for your satisfaction, and then people fall for this scam easily.

Suppose you have ordered a brand new Cellphone, Like iPhone 12 Pro, on a monthly installment. 


Then the next step is to call the leading cellular network directly and pretend to be the original customer JOHN DOE. Scammers will use your name as they have all of your details. They will call your leading network company and order a new cellphone with your details. They can set your phone number as a caller ID before calling the leading cellular network company. Therefore, the network company doesn’t know who is calling.

 As you have ordered iPhone 12 Pro, now the scammer will order a different one from you, and your leading Cellular network company has your original service address so that the company will ship the phone directly to you.


After 1-3 days, you may get your mobile at the doorstep, however while you open the field, it’ll differ from the one you ordered, At that same time. A scammer will contact you back and ask in case you obtained the parcel, and you will inform him that it’s not the phone that you ordered. Then the scammer will ask you to ship it back, and we will send you your order again. They give you a warehouse deal with and ask you to ship the cellphone to our address.
Now due to the fact they already benefit your trust by using sending you the wrong cellular telephone, you’ll go back the cellphone to a scammer as opposed to your leading Cellular community agency.

And then you may by no means obtain any cellphone. And you have to pay month-to-month installments for the cellphone you have but to accept. But you could also claim out of your main cellular organization that you are being scammed and could now not pay monthly installments.

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